Loving Reading

Loving Reading

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

How the Tiger got his stripes!

We have been reading the story How the Tiger got his stripes, we put the story in order from start to finish.

Joshua and Passion can put the story in the right order!

Maths problem solving

Room 1 has been learning about problem solving in Maths.

Ema has 2 lollies and Kelly has 2.

If we put our lollies together we have 4, Kelly and Ema know that 2 + 2 = 4

Word Wall

In Room 1 we use our word wall all the time!

We're learning a LOT of words!

Punua, Azaleigha and Ema love writing on the wall.

Abigail's Name!

Abigail has been using the iPad to help with writing her name, she has been working really hard!

Boisi practising his Q's!

Boisi has been using the iPad to practise his letters and handwriting!

Have a look at Boisi writing the letter Q

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Kelly's Zoo Animals

Kelly drew pictures of all the animals she wanted to see at the zoo, have a look!

By Kelly

What is at the Zoo?

Room 1 drew colourful pictures and wrote stories about what they want to see when they go to the zoo!

An elephant has a long trunk.

By Passion

I want to see a snake.

By Ema

I want to see a lion.

By Boisi

I want to see an elephant.

By Grace

I want to see a snake.

By Azaleigha

I want to see a spider.

By Lusia

Abigail's Three Little Pigs

Abigail has been working on retelling stories and putting them in order!