Loving Reading

Loving Reading

Friday, 30 October 2015

Milan's Hair Cutting Ceremony

Milan's Hair Cutting Ceremony

On Saturday I had my hair cutting ceremony. Niuean's do this for when they are older so then can become a warrior and protect themselves. 

Before I had my hair cut I had to wash it double times and my Mum brushed it, my hair was very long. I had to wear ribbons in my hair so when people cut a piece of my hair it was tied with the ribbon. When someone cut my hair they give my money and put it on my lap. I was given 1 enormous lolly lei.

We also had a Umu that was prepared by my Dad and other members of my family.

On Sunday I went to the barbers and they shaved my head. On Tuesday I was nervous about coming to school.... but I got use to it. My Mum brought in a hair cutting cake! I shared it with my class :)

I love my new hair and I like using the gel my Mum got for me.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

What is peaceful play

What does peaceful play mean to Room 1?

We drew a picture on Explain Everything to show what Peaceful Play means to us.

Kiwi Can - what do you like

We had to draw a picture of what we like in Kiwi Can.

Lusia likes castles.

Kikorangi likes lollies.

Kelly likes princesses

Dre likes to count numbers.

Sepi likes oranges.
Jorjah likes her family.

Azaleigha likes drawing the beach.

Kiwi Sport - Golf


This term Room 1 are doing Golf for Kiwi Sport. Today we learnt how to roll a ball at a target. We had so much fun. 

We had to roll the ball on the ground. 

We had to hit the target with the ball. 

If we hit the target we say "SNAG". 

After we hit the target we had to put the balls in the basket.

Someone hit the target!!!!

Next we had to get the ball in the cone.