Loving Reading

Loving Reading

Friday, 20 February 2015

Room 1 are Superheroes!!!!!

Our  buddies from Year 8 made us into our favourite Superheroes


  1. Nice superhero costumes Room 1 I like the way that Room 10 helped use. The costumes are really great!!! I like all of them , they are all creative.
    Keep it up!!!

  2. I really like your superheroes room 1, Its nice and cool, You can ask a parent to make
    a superhero costumes so you can be a superheroes,SUPERHEROES SAVES THE DAY!!!

  3. HI Room 1
    I like the way how you dizined your superheros & how you listened to the year 7/8.
    Keep it up:D

  4. Hi Room 1,
    I like your superheroes because you guys decorated it.
    One thing I really like the most is how bright you guys colour ed in your superheroes.

    Nice work Room 1 and Keep it up.

  5. Hi room 1,
    I like your superheroes you have created with the yr 8 & 7's, you have very creative minds. My favorite costume is mostly all of you guys. How did you think of these amazing costumes ??