Loving Reading

Loving Reading

Friday, 18 September 2015

Room 1 had their last session of Taekwondo. They learnt how to break a piece of plastic by kicking and punching. They had great fun!!

"I can punch" said Abigail.

"I broke the board" said Kelly.

"I know how to punch the board" said Kikorangi.

Look at our awesome controlled kicking!

"I punched the blue board and it broke" said Jeremy.

"I hurt my foot it was sore" said Htoo Say Wah.

"I kicked the board" said Lusia.

"I learnt some new things at Taekwondo" said Kelly.

"I kicked the blue board and it it broke" said Kikorangi.


  1. Will,This is a great work!!!The little kids are very lovely!

  2. Well done Room 1 you are strong